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We’re thankful to God and to everyone who has helped the Lost Children of Peru organization to support those in need. As children, teens, and families continue to need our help, we fight to provide for them. If you’re looking for ways to help our organization, here are a list of five things you can do to support us.


Volunteering is a great way to give your time and share your love with those in need. We welcome volunteers of all ages to help with projects such as gathering donations, shopping, and building relationships. When volunteering, you’ll be a part of our community and able to provide a positive transformation for those in need. As long as you’re willing to help, we can continue to do God’s work.

Donate Items

As part of our ongoing fight to help families in need, we provide food, clothes, and basic necessities to our community. If you are able to, you can find canned goods, clothing, and more to donate to our cause. Our community is blessed for any and all donations you can provide.

Donate Money

One of our biggest goals is to build homes and community relationships in our area. Through our self-sustaining community center, we hope to bring families and people together through God’s grace. Currently, we have a monthly operating expense of $7,000 for our community center. In order to continue our mission, our goal is to reach $100,000 for purchasing and remodeling a building. If you’re able to donate, you can do so by visiting our donation page.

Spread Awareness

Whether you’re someone who wants to help people in Peru on a one-time basis or have an idea to help with our organization, let others know what you’re doing. No matter how big or small your following is, it only takes one person to help turn a spark into a wildfire. Be sure to share our page and what we do here with everyone you know, so we can continue to support children and families in need.

Thank you for any and all help you can provide. Through God, we can make a difference in our community, and any support will help. Remember to check out our donation page, and visit our website to learn more.

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