Dentists and Doctors

A few weeks ago, a team of dentists and other medical personnel visited from Colorado. They examined orphans and the poor and were able to provide some medical relief to them. One day in a particularly poor community, the team had people coming from miles away to receive their services. An 87 year old woman was one of these people, and she had walked three miles to receive their help. She has bad back pain because she is a widow, lives by herself, and must chop wood and carry it to her clay home. When asked by the doctor what she took for pain, she said water because that is all she can afford. At the end of the day, the President of the community approached Larry. He had a dirty, old blanket that he gave to Larry as a thank you. He said that there were no words to express their gratitude, and they had no money to give as a thank you, so he gave Larry the blanket as a thank you for coming to help the community. Receiving a gift like this, knowing that the man had nothing else to offer, is one of the most humbling and precious moments that one can experience.