From the Clutches of Cartels to the Arms of Christ

At one of the orphanages, Larry had a chance to listen to a story of a 17 year-old who just arrived. At age 4 he was living in Peru but was kidnapped by a drug cartel. After driving for days, they arrived in the jungles of a country in South America. Having no idea where he was, or who these people were, he was told he could either work or die. He was enslaved for 12 years to the drug cartel, being forced to pick coca. He daringly decided to attempt and escape. He fled to the jungles and made his way through a few South American countries, eventually arriving in Peru. Once in Peru, the police took him to the orphanage Larry’s team has helped build.

This young man has been through things that many of us could not even begin to imagine. However, his story has the possibility to reach many and make a difference, and it was a complete work of God that he ended up at one of the orphanages that the team works with. The team hopes to display the love, mercy, and healing that is found in God to this young man as he begins his new life.