It's More than Just a Home

Out in a poor district near Lima, the team was working hard to build a new home for a family in need. Often times the houses the people live in have dirt floors and holes in the structure, so when it rains their floor turns to mud. Being able to provide basic shelter is important to Larry and his team. This family, like so many of the others, were so grateful for the home. As they were working on the house, the mother came and expressed this gratitude to Larry, but she also told him how she would have preferred if they could provide food for her and her two boys. The three of them were starving to death. Even though the team was just their to help build home, they couldn't stand idly by while this family starved. They helped provide some food for the family as well as the house. It was an amazing moment to provide them with a home as well as food to hopefully help better their lives.


In Lima there is a very poor home where people go to die. Mostly people from the high lands and the jungles who have cancer will go there. They are seeking the little help they can receive from the public hospital. A few months ago, Larry met one of the men living there. They would have wonderful conversations about the man's life and family. Tuesday when Larry went in again, this man had taken a turn for the worse. As Larry sat with him holding his hand and praying, Larry knew he wouldn't make it through the rest of the day. Moments like these are hard, yet amazing as this man was able to hear again how loved He is by God right before he was about to pass.