The Harsh Reality

The hardship that Larry’s team is immersed in is unimaginable to us. We cannot fathom what it would be like to go through a day with only one, small meal, or even no meals. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many of the families we help. The other day, the team traveled high up on the mountain in Comas. There they met with a mom and her three teen sons. The family had been living in the poor community among so many others. Even though life was hard, they were close to water and work; however, their home burned down, and they lost everything. They had no beds, no cooking utensils, and no blankets. The only thing left was the clothes they were wearing. They were sleeping on a rocky, dirty floor with no blankets. The mother walks down the mountain every day to sell candy on the streets to try to provide at least one meal a day for her family. The whole family must work to carry water up the steep mountain. Our team was able to bless this family with a new house and some necessities such as clothes and food. Even more, Larry’s son took his personal money and gave it to the family so that they would be able to buy Christmas gifts this year, another thing that is so easily taken for granted in our culture.

Gifts are something so simple that can really change someone’s life. This is why the team is traveling through the Andes and the jungle this Christmas season. They are bringing gifts to over 1,000 children, but even more importantly, they are sharing the story of Christmas and Jesus. They will continue their efforts until the end of December/early January. Please keep the team and the people they work alongside of in your thoughts and prayers this Christmas.