Casa de Luz

A platform to share the gospel with those that have never heard the Good News



Discovering God’s True Character - Love



Restoration for the Broken and the Weary



The Fulfillment of both Physical and Spiritual Hunger



Building Lifelong Relationships through Mentoring and Discipleship

Lost Children of Peru

The Lost Children of Peru aims to be a House of Light (Casa de Luz) for the children, teens, and families who live on the hillsides of the poorest districts of Lima, Peru.

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Our Community Center… Is Expanding

We operate a community center where our Peruvian staff loves, mentors, and ministers to the children and teens who live on the hillsides.

We employ young adults from the area who engage with our community center, grow through our leadership and mentoring, and invest back into their communities. The impact of this work naturally spreads into the community as the families of these children and teens see their kids’ lives transformed.​

Help us fulfill the transformative power of Lost Children of Peru’s expanding community center, where love, mentorship, and ministry uplift the lives of children and teens on the hillsides. Our vision embraces vital healthcare services, enhanced education facilities, and empowering trade programs.

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Impacting Lives for the Kingdom

As we build community relationships over time, we also intend for our community centers to become self-sustaining.

Reaching the human heart, One Person at a Time, By being the hands and feet of Jesus

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Building Homes

The Lost Children of Peru also build homes in Comas and Carabayllo for some of the families that are involved in our community center.  When we build these homes, we use local contractors, and so this is also an opportunity for us to provide jobs within the local economy. Having a quality home can help improves health, sleep, education, or provide a place for employment. Homes provide security, reduce crimes against women and children, strengthen faith, community, and so much more!

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Jesus is the One who saves, the One who loves, and the One who provides

The Mission of LCoP is to help as many families as possible while making Jesus famous along the way. We offer our teens and children community, leadership training, biblical teaching, a safe place to hang out, computers where they can do their homework, and access to nourishing meals.

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Thank You to those who have helped us along the way

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Help fund our projects to create a better lives for the people in our community

We are currently leasing our community center, but have plans to buy it.  We believe owning our own property will give our community center long-term sustainability and permanence that will enable us to develop it as a replicable model for additional community centers. There is considerable demand for the services our center provides, and each of the hillside communities in Comas and Carabayllo could support a center.

We further intend to grow our relationships with churches and businesses in Lima, who will be a source of funding and volunteer opportunities. Our desire is to establish additional community centers in Comas and Carabayllo.

You can help by donating towards the purchase of a building for our community center, the monthly operating expenses, the expansion of the work in opening additional centers, or towards building homes in Comas and Carabayllo!

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