Our Community Center

San Felipe Center

Casa de Luz

We operate a community center where our Peruvian staff loves, mentors, and ministers to the children and teens who live on the hillsides. It is a safe space as well as a place of employment where teens can stay off the streets and avoid gangs.

Our Center provides the following services:

  • A safe place with running water -Getting off the streets – Avoiding Gangs
  • Feeding Orphans & Widows – Meeting Basic Needs
  • Sharing the Gospel Through Worship and Studying the Bible
  • Games & Entertainment
  • Womens Weekly Bible Study
  • Children’s VBS and Weekend Hot Meals
  • Counselors for youth and children
  • Job Training and Educational Support.
  • Stepping Stones Workshops: “Teach Them How to Fish”
  • Bakery, Barber Shop, Computer Classes, Carpentry, Candles, Sewing  Gardening

San Felipe In the Future

Our Expansion

Our center’s expansion represents a bold step towards making an even greater impact on the lives of underprivileged children and families in Peru with God. Together, we’re creating a brighter future and nurturing leaders who will drive positive change and the love of Jesus in their communities.

Our Center will provide the following in the future:

  • Access to Vital Healthcare: Adding a medical office and a dentist’s office ensures essential healthcare services are available to the community, addressing critical health needs and promoting well-being.
  • Enhanced Education Facilities: With the construction of more classrooms, we can accommodate a growing number of youth, providing them with quality education and a pathway to a brighter future.
  • Empowering Trade Programs: Introducing carpentry, electricity, and computer training programs to equip the youth with valuable skills, expanding their employment prospects and fostering self-sufficiency.
  • Igniting the Love for Learning: Establishing a library offers a wealth of knowledge and resources, inspiring a passion for learning among children and teens.

Our Plans For The Future

Please Help Fund Our Community Center

Operation expenses for the center are $9,000 a month, and with the new addition on the way, we could use your support and prayer.