Our Team

Missionary & Director Larry Goode

“Sweetly broken”…. My life took me from the business world to the slums and orphanages of Peru after being called into life while here on a mission trip / vacation. I honestly never looked back. The Lord took my life where he placed three young boys from an orphanage to raise. I have been here almost 15 years helping as many orphans and kids in poverty as the Lord has given us. The number has been in the thousands. My life has been well, “sweetly broken”. Read more of our story here.

Pastor Augusto Cisneros

I was born in Lima, where I met Jesus as a kid. But he only became a part of my life when I turned 19. God is the reason that I work in the ministry. He prepared me to serve him. I studied in a bible school for 3 years in Venezuela. There my 4 kids were born; for many years we served God in Venezuela, and now God allowed us to return to Peru to continue working for him. Praise God, and let all the glory go to him.

Team Coaches


My name is Luis. I was born in Sayan. At the age of 7 I went to live in an orphanage, because my mother didn’t have the money to provide for me or my brothers. I lived there for a few years. My childhood in the orphanage wasn’t really good because my family was away from me and I was alone. When I was still very young the orphanage had no money to take care of us and we were going to be put out on the streets. Little did I know that God had a big plan for my life (…)


Hello, my name is Kevin. I have been working with the Lost Children since my dad started it when I was a small boy. He adopted me from an orphanage in the town of Huacho (3 hours away from Lima) I had a very difficult childhood. I was placed in an orphanage when I was very young. My dad and I first met when I was 9 years old. He wasn´t able to get me out of the orphanage until I was 12. For the first time in my life, he was able to show me what a father´s love was (…).

Team Leaders


Hi, my name is Mariangel. I was born in Venezuela, and my parents are from Peru. I have dual citizenship. I was born into a Christian family. As a teenager, I did some unpleasant things like all teenagers do. But I think that God had a plan for my life and I know that I still haven’t discovered his complete plan. It was a very difficult time for my family when we had to leave our community and move to Peru, where my parents were born. It wasn’t easy to leave everything we knew and start from nothing in a strange country. (…)


Hi, my name is Sarai, I was born in Venezuela, and I grew up in a God- fearing, Christian family. I am the oldest of three. I lived in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela for a long time. I was studying education there. For personal reasons I came to Peru and wasn’t able to study anymore. I give thanks to God only and his plans. He knew my purpose, and he brought me from far away with a reason for everything I learned in my country. It is so helpful for my role here working with the kids and teenagers (…)


Hello, my name is Gianella Advincula López. I live with my parents and siblings. My life without Christ caused me to have poor communications with my parent. My life was difficult in and out of the house. I had chosen the wrong path. I caused my parents and family a lot of grief. I know my parents worried a great deal about me. I wasted so much of my earlier life. When I started going to Casa de Luz I realized I was on the wrong path. But the great thing about it the Lord met me there. (…)



I live close to Casa de Luz. Before I met God I only thought about myself and my schoolwork. I didn’t care about God because I thought it was something that people just made up, even though I had really known God since I was little. Even through of all this He never left my side. Down deep I knew He was still there. Everything changed when I went to Casa de Luz because God showed me that my life had a purpose. I met Larry, and of course his sons and teams that came to Peru.


I am a banking and finance student. Thanks to Casa de Luz, it has helped me to reach mothers, young people, adolescents and children. We want to improve lives helping them to know more about God, helping their needs: We are here to serve. In my future I want to finish my degree and continue studying.

Media + Video


​My name is Dennys Luque. I came from a little town called Arequipa (you should google it, it’s beautiful). I’ve never imagined that I would be recording videos. I always wanted to be an engineer, but luckily I’m not because I love what I do. Now I’m studying advertisement. In the past years I’ve work as a community manager and content creator for Melia International Hotels and as a volunteer at my church Camino de Vida. I work in the creative department where I am in charge of Image and Marketing.